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We are committed to bringing the best quality dispensary experience for our patients! Our experienced staff will make you feel right at home with helping you pick out and find the right medicinal products for you. It is our duty to suggest products and educate the public on responsible medicinal cannabis use. All products we carry will be grown and manufactured in the State of South Dakota. We’re sure we will have what you’re looking for and if not we will make sure to get it for you. Look forward to seeing you!

City of Mitchell

Mitchell is home of the Corn Palace. The Corn Palace is decorated with several colors of dried corn and grains, creating murals. The theme of the external murals is changed yearly at fall harvest; internal murals are changed approximately every ten years. The building itself is used for several purposes including a basketball arena, the local high school prom, trade shows, staged entertainment, and the Shriner’s Circus.
Another interesting site in Mitchell is the Mitchell Prehistoric Indian Village, an archaeological site where scientists are excavating a Native American village. The site, near Lake Mitchell, is believed to have been occupied by ancestors of the present-day Mandan, who now reside in North Dakota. The excavation is unique in that it is enclosed by an Archeodome, a climate-controlled building built over the site, which allows scientists to continue their excavation work year-round.
We can’t wait for you to visit the great City of Mitchell!

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